Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

The Student’s Research Group

The aim of the Student (Urban) Research Group (SFG for the German name) is based on two principles. On one hand, the SFG offers students a space in which they can gather some research experience and expand their knowledge around methods of the social sciences. On the other hand, it is an instance to learn from and with each other. The SFG thus seeks to give students an opportunity to grow from a professional-academic and a pedagogical perspective.

The organization of the SFG is based on the Q-Tutorien/Teams of the bologna.lab, i.e. students conceive a project and carry it out on the basis of a self-chosen, research-oriented question. The project consists of seven phases:


1. topic identification

2. theoretical and methodological development

3. adjustments to the research design

4. data collection

5. data analysis

6. writing phase

7. publication of the results and presentation.


The SFG is open to all bachelor's and master's students.

Contact: (Nicolas Goez)