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Ph. D. Markus Kip

Ph. D. Markus Kip
research assistant
markus.kip (at)

Interdisziplinäre Zentren gemäß AS-Beschluss vom 17.02.2004 → Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung
Visiting address
Mohrenstraße 41 , Room 418
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(030) 2093 - 46684
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Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin

KipMarkus Kip works as a postdoctoral urban researcher at the Georg-Simmel-Center in the project Open Heritage (2018-2022, funded by the European Commission). The project investigates community-led adaptive reuse practices of cultural heritage in 16 case studies throughout Europe plus 6 Living Labs (for more information: Markus focuses on transdisciplinary methods of investigation and explores questions of transferability: What can be learned from case studies? Together with Ross Beveridge, he produces the Urban Political - The Podcast on Urban Theory, Research, and Activism (


Fields of Research

  • Transdisciplinary Methods and Transferability
  • Urban Commons and Solidarity
  • Modernist Architecture and Planning
  • Undocumented Migration and Labor


Curriculum Vitae

After studying philosophy and theology in Munich and San Salvador, he continued with sociology in Berlin and New York, and finally obtained his PhD in Sociology from York University in Toronto in 2016. In 2012, he became involved at the Georg-Simmel-Centre as a young researcher and co-founder of the "Urban Research Group" to focus on urban commons research. Markus is the author of The Ends of Union Solidarity: Undocumented Labor and German Trade Unions (2017) and co-editor of Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market, published in 2015 (Bauwelt Fundamente/ Birkhäuser).